Thursday, February 26, 2009

And the excuses and intimidation begin...

I knew when we started writing this blog that there'd be businesses happy to see our public reviews of them and businesses not happy to be reviewed. I had suspected some would make excuses and some would send veiled threats even, but I never suspected it would be a threat to "send" our "foster kids back to their sending state." Yesterday after our daughters' caseworker left I wrote a review about the head and heartache of the foster care system and today our certifier started with her request to revisit our home and discuss certification issues. Now it seems because we feel we should be reimbursed for all the medical and dental expenses we've paid for our foster daughters due to neither Oregon or Arizona providing medical insurance for the past seven months we have to be reinvestigated to see if we are financially capable of providing for our foster daughters. My point is obviously we are the better providers for our daughters as neither Oregon or Arizona has done it in 7 months. They are loved, well fed, treated by professionals, and most of all HAPPY here. Sorry DHS but my NAY! vote stands as is, I will not edit my blog entries to reflect the happy picture of foster care you need perpetuated in order to get other families to step forward and take total financial responsibility for children that are not legally there's.

I warn you this, if you attempt to "send the kids back" to Arizona because of the economic struggles the federal government is placing on the states you will not ever hear the end of it from this family. Everyone will know that you disposed of children that were settling into a forever family that loved them.


  1. We had the same thing threatened to us with our relative adoption and an ICPC between two states. When I asked for help with services (therapy, etc.) they said to me "If you can't provide for the children they will be removed" (or something to that affect). I called the state the kids came from and told them and they told me no way. The kids were where they needed to be. It must've got back to our state because they called me and told me I was mistaken and misunderstood what was said. Sure...

    Funny thing is, most likely if you weren't related you wouldn't be going through all this.

    Somehow they worked it out for us by putting us on a welfare program in the kids state and having us apply for services (medical and food stamps) in our state until the kids were adopted by us.

    I hope things get better and soon for you. It's stressful enough raising kids and they have to pile all this on you too.

  2. I nominated you for a blog award! Head over to my blog and check it out!