Monday, February 23, 2009

Gresham, Oregon Pediatric Dentist

YAY or NAY for the Dentist?

Willamette Dental: 1107 NE Burnside Gresham, OR 97030 Appointments Portland: (503) 952-2100 Outside Portland: (800) 461-8994

Our first trip to Willamette Dental was our last. While the dentist themselves were mostly professional and friendly, the office staff got the thumbs down for their treatment of our special needs daughter and her Mommy. They stank worse then a dirty diaper left in the back of a hot mini van in the Oaks Park parking lot. The other dental staff made Mom feel awkward and over bearing when wanting to accompany her 8-yr-old back to the dental chair and observe. Sharp, rude treatment, only had two children's books in their sparse waiting room even though they claimed to have experienced pediatric dentist in the building, and some strange unclear billing procedure leaves this large family voting a NAY!

Douglas L. Park DDS Pediatric Dentistry: 1201 SE 223rd Avenue · Suite 240 · Gresham Oregon · 97030(503) 666-9800

Who'd think hidden up in a suite in a very pristine appearing office suite would be a man, a dental man, so good at his profession that even when your 6-yr-old child knows they have an appointment with a drill they'd be bouncing out the door to get to Dr. Parks office. Unfortunately, my daughter's dental problems required multiple trips to see this dentist and even more unfortunately my sitter had to cancel once leaving me with a few extra little siblings to accompany, but Dr. Park's office was such a kid friendly environment even the one getting the filling was happy to go! They all gave this Gresham dentist a YAY!

*Next stop Dr. Perry Stevenson's Orthodontics office in the same building. My 12-year-old has high hopes.


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