Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Arizona Department of Economic Security and Oregon Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services500 Summer St. NE Salem 97301
DES 1717 W. Jefferson, 050Z-1Room 119Phoenix, AZ 85007

No matter what you call it if your biological child or foster child is involved you most likely have or will have a head and heart ache. After a decade of special needs foster parenting we have seen the economy put too many children at risk. A caseworker visit where we were told to either continue to pay for our foster children's medical expenses out of pocket as we've done for the past seven months or "send them back" to the state they came from has earned both Oregon's DHS and Arizona's DES a big fat NAY! for their treatment of the very children the federal government is supposed to save from neglect and abuse and the families brave enough to foster them.

Please feel free to add your stories of experiences in the United States Foster Care System.

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